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The location of the origin of different breeds of Northern sheep.

Move the pointer across the red spots on the map and click when a breed name appears.  The page with information for the breed will appear.

Or - point at a name on the list to the right, click and the information page will appear.

Icelandic Icelandic leader Faeroe Islands sheep Greenland sheep Cheviot sheep - imported to Norway Fuglestad sheep - imported to Norway Russian Viena sheep Finnish Grey Landrace Finnsheep Romanov sheep Lithuanian Native Coarsewooled Latvian Darkheaded sheep Estonian Ruhnu Sheep Norwegian Steigar Sheep Norwegian Grey Troender Norwegian feral sheep Norwegian Spael Sheep Norwegian Old Spael sheep Norwegian Dala Sheep Norwegian Rygja Sheep Swedish Finewool Sheep Swedish Dala Fur Swedish Rya Sheep Swedish Forrest Sheep Swedish Roslags Sheep Åland Sheep Swedish Gute Sheep Swedish Gotland Sheep Danish Landrace Sheep Danish Whitef. Marsh Texel Sheep - imported to Denmark


List of North European sheep breeds:
Ålands sheep
Cheviot sheep
Dala sheep
Dala fur sheep
Danish landrace sheep
Estonian Ruhnu sheep
Faeroe sheep
Fine wool sheep Finnish Grey landrace
Finnsheep  Forest sheep
Fuglestad sheep
Gotland sheep
Greenland sheep Grey Troender sheep
Gute sheep
Icelandic leader sheep
Icelandic sheep
Latvian darkheaded sheep
Lithuanian coarse wool sheep
Norwegian feral sheep  Norwegian Old Spael sheep
Norwegian Spael sheep
Romanov sheep
Roslags sheep Russian Viena sheep
Rya sheep
Rygja sheep
Steigar sheep
Texel sheep
White faced Marsh

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