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Origin and diversity of North European sheep breeds
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Participants of the project

Emma Eythorsdottir, coordinator.
Agricultural University of Iceland (former Agric. Research Institute),
Reykjavik, Iceland

Ingrid Olsaker, ass. prof.
The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science,
Oslo, Norway

Lars-Erik Holm, researcher
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences,
Foulum, Denmark

Britta Danell, professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Ultuna, Sweden

Juha Kantanen, researcher
Agricultural Research Centre,
Jokioinen, Finland

Ilona Miceikiene, ass. prof.
Lithuanian Veterinary Academy,
Kaunas, Lithuania responsible for the Baltic countries
(- subcontract to Finland).



Published Results

Created by ThEP and EE Edited by Emma Eythorsdottir for the North SheD group.
Agricultural Research Institute of Iceland.