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Sampling included all breeds and breed groups of sheep in the Nordic countries, except for recently imported commercial breeds that are bred in greater numbers in other countries. Organisation of the populations is connected to already existing projects that are underways in Norway and Finland. Analysis of data from the Nordic project included data from those projects as well.

Blood samples were collected from 30 animals pr. group, 20 ewes and 10 rams where possible (rams were sampled in Norway and Finland). The samples were drawn at random under the restriction of no common grandparents. Blood was collected into four 10 ml vacutainers from each animal. DNA was extracted from 20 ml of blood and 20 ml was kept as reserve. DNA from each animal was deposited at NGH for future references.  

Further use of DNA samples and genotyping data obtained within the project is administrated by NGH.

Information on the background of breeds and animals was collected according to the FAO guidelines on genetic diversity studies.
(Questionarie) The organisation of sampling and the collection of information on background and individual animals was the responsibility of the country where the breed is located. This was carried out in co-operation with the relevant organisations and institutions such as GR committees, sheep breeding association and others depending on the situation in each country.


Published Results

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