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Genetic analyzes

The DNA genotype for 25 microsatellite markers, which were selected from the FAO list of recommended microsatellite, was analysed. The analysing of genotype was carried out at three laboratories, in Norway, Finland and Denmark. Genotyping was performed in several laoboratories with different sequencers and  varioations in methodology details.  In order to combine the results a set of 11 common standard animals were shared among all the typing laboratories, and the allele sizes were adjusted to comply with the agreed sizes for these standards.

Data was recorded and checked at each laboratory before combining the data for the whole project. Samples from the Finnish project, where only 10 microsatellite have been typed, were analysed for the additional 15 microsatellite as a part of the Nordic project. 

List of markers

Mitochondria DNA was analysed in a subset of animals (13 per group). The laboratory in Finland was responsible for this analysis. The data was analysed to estimate genetic distances between the breed groups and these results together with the background information on breeds and animals will be presented in reports and should provide an information basis for management of sheep genetic resources in the Nordic countries.

Published Results

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