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Latvian darkheaded sheep, (32)

Latvian native black faced sheep, more picturesThe Latvian darkheaded sheep originate from crossings between Shropshire sheep (72%) and Oxfordshire sheep (28%) in 1930-1938. The sheep are white with dark head and legs. Both rams and ewes are polled with long tails. The wool is uniform with mean fibre diameter of 27-34 microns and fibre length of 8-10 cm. Greasy fleece weight is around 5 kg. The wool is mainly used for knitting yarns and blankets and wool-skin floor rugs are made out of the pelts. Adult wither height of rams is 72 cm and 68 cm of the ewes. The average adult weight of rams is 95 kg and of ewes 63 kg. The mean litter size is 1.4 lambs at birth and 1.2 weaned. Mean carcass weight of lambs is 20 kg when slaughtered at the age of 8 months. The population size is around 18,000 breeding ewes and increasing.

Local name:Latvijas tumsgalve
Ziedonis Grislis and Daina Kairisha, 2 Liela street, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia
Photographs:  Saulius Tušas












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