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Lithuanian native coarsewooled sheep, (31)

Lithuanian coarse wool sheep, more picturesThe Lithuanian native coarse wool sheep is a late maturing and undemanding breed, common in Lithuania in the 19th and 20th century. There were two types of sheep, one with long and thin tail (Suvalkija), and another with a short tail (of northern origin). In the 20th century both Shropshire, Oxford down and Lithuanian black head have had genetic influence on the breed. The Lithuanian coarse wool sheep is disease resistant and quick to adapt to new feeding and management methods. Lambing is two times a year. The long thin tailed ewes and most of the rams were polled with white body colour. The sheep now are variable in colour, with grey, black and brown most frequent. Usually the sheep are black headed often with white markings on the head. The rams are horned (80%) but the ewes are usually polled (20% horned) with short or intermediate tails. The wool is double coated with mean fibre diameter of 42.7 micron and fibre length of 16.6 cm. The average greasy fleece weight is 2.9 kg. The wool is used for knitting yarns and handicrafts and the pelts for woolskins. Adult wither height of rams is 45-60 cm and 41-66 cm of ewes. Mean live weight is 53.4 kg (rams and ewes). The mean litter size is 2-3 lambs at birth and 2 weaned. The population size is around 100 sheep and is increasing (1999).

Local name: Lietuvos vietines siurksciavilnês.
Birute Zapasnikiene, Zebenkos 12, LT-5125, Baisiogala, Lithuania.
Photographs: Saulius Tušas






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