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Icelandic leader sheep, (28)

Icelandic leader sheepThe Icelandic leader sheep is a separate line within the Icelandic breed of sheep (27). The Leader sheep were probably brought to Iceland together with other sheep at the time of settlement in the 8th and 9th century. The sheep are lightly built with long legs and not as heavy as the Icelandic sheep, but otherwise similar. The leader sheep are known for their leader characteristics and a specific sense of directions, that were highly valued traits under the extensive farming conditions in Iceland in earlier times. The leader sheep were used to bring the flock home in bad weather during winter grazing and they are still used to lead the flock when sheep are moved to and from summer pastures. The leader sheep are now a small population of around 1,000 purebred adult sheep that are spread between many flocks, with a few leader sheep on each farm. Leader rams have been kept at the AI stations in Iceland since 1981 as an aid to the conservation of the leader sheep.


Local name: Forystufé
Emma Eythorsdottir, Agric. University of Iceland, Keldnaholt, IS-112 Reykjavik.
Jón Eiríksson









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