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Norwegian Old Spael sheep, (23)

The Norwegian Old Spael sheep is named after the short, nearly wool less tail (spælen). The old Spael sheep is small subgroup of the Norwegian Spael sheep and has been kept separate from the main flock. The group is meant to be almost free from the influence of semen imports from Icelandic sheep and Faeroe sheep and has not been a part of the modern breeding program of the Spæl sheep. The sheep are representative of the kind of Spael sheep that were common in Norway in the middle of the last century. There is great variation in both colour and horns. The wool is double coated with fibre length of the outer wool up to 35 cm. The wool is used for making hand knitting yarn, blankets and carpets. Woolskin floor rugs are made out of the pelts. Adult live weight of the ewes is around 50 kg. The population size is not known but is probably less than 100 sheep and decreasing (year 2000).

Local name: Gammeltypisk spælsau
References: Mona G. Holtet, Norsk Landbruksmuseum, Pb. 5104, 1432 Ås, Norway
Photographs: Lars Bryhni









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